Mobile Vikings carrier

Review of the Mobile Vikings carrier Belgium

Mobile Vikings is a Belgian cellphone provider, they use the BASE (KPN) network for coverage.

Recently I switched from the ‘native’ Base network to this provider called Mobile Vikings, because I found out the KPN guys charged me about 0.26€ per minute for calling other network.  A bit steep, but at least I didn’t had any subscribtion costs.

I switched to Mobile Vikings for the easy ways to top-up your credit online, and the cheaper call rates (although, not the cheapes in Belgium – that’s Medion Mobile for now… ). An extra perk is that Mobile Vikings gives away great ‘packs’ of mobile internet data blocks and sms’s.
I hardly use SMS, but now and then I’d like to go online on my mobile phone.

The Mobile Vikings site is handy and has everything you need to track your use, check the rates and have all information available.
Within 3 days, my old SIM card was turned over (together with the telephone nr.) to their network and service. I topped up the credit and I was good to go.

The only two disadvantages so far where the errors when auto-configuring my nokia phone (I know, I should have a smartphone by now:) and some smaller issues with compatibility between my bank’s view on creditcards and the Mobile Vikings payment system through paypal (something I refuse to use).

Other than these two small issues I must say their customer support is impressive, fast and no-nonsense.  You mail them, and you get help.

Should you think about switching to Mobile Vikings, please use this link as a reference, so I get credit for it.