Comodo Dragon

Review of the Comodo Dragon browser.

I love testing browsers, … because it’s fun to play with something that a company like comodo designed to be secure, fast and reliable.
Comodo released this secure browser in order to give people a rebranded chrome with added security.  The main feature I found interesting is the possibility to use the Comodo secure DNS servers for the application only.
In other words: you can have all your applications use the DNS server from your ISP (or workplace) and have the Comodo Dragon use the Comodo DNS servers.  This is neat,… it also means you have to stop explaining on how to change the dns settings to your friends, family and co-workers.

Next to the addes security of the comodo dns servers, this browser is fast, very fast.
It also delivers a few extra’s like ‘always start in incognito mode’ or the ‘portable setup’.  This last feature is amazing, since it will install the user profile of your browser on a usb stick.  Handy for browsing the web on public spots or nosy work-environments.

All in all I think the Comodo dragon looks nice (the default theme just looks so much cooler than the one from Google Crome).  I’m preferring this browser because it’s simplicity, speed and features.