Cubby not so chubby

This week I’ve tried out the new personal cloud storage service from Logmein.  We know logmein from their excellent remote desktop and support system, so I was curious to see how they managed to pull off a Dropbox-alternative. is the main place to access your files and ask for an invite.  After two weeks I got the invite code in my mailbox.  Beta-users can invite two persons to the beta as well.
I realize writing a review on a beta product isn’t that fair.  I imagine the product to be far more advanced than what I’ve tried.

Downloading the cubby client was fast, installing it even faster… it easily compared to Dropbox in a sense of handywork.  In essence, it synchronizes between your computer or devices and backs the stored files up to the cloud.  You get 5GB storage space (equally to the SugarSync service,which is our favorite cloud storage to date).
The interface is clean, simple… but there are some snags.
First of all, Cubby’s upload is slow.  A directory containing 2GB of files wasn’t done uploading after 20 hours over a  3 Mbit upload line.  I think the server had some issues getting my files in for whatever bandwidth-related reason.
The computers I ran this tool on all slowed down considerably.
You can’t quickly share or upload one single file, it has to be a directory.  No problem for me, but the people I’ve invited found this very irritating.

Cubby is next to SugarSync and Dropbox a well made beta, with promising features,… but I doubt they will make a dent in the dropbox-marketshare or the upcomming Google Drive madness.