Hexbug toys

Hexbug review : the good kind of bug

I can’t control myself sometimes, in a sense that I need to buy some tech gadgets, toys or innovative piece of technology from time to time.  It’s a fun way to keep myself up to speed and to relax while playing around with non-essentials.

Recently I came across the site hexbug.com – a manufacturer of robotic toys.  
Reading about it and checking online reviews (and youtube videos involving cats:) convinced me to order a few of these bot , eh, .. bugs for myself to play with.

I must say the design itself alone is enough to buy them, even if it’s for putting them on display at home.  Every single visitor immediately was drawn to it and wanted to play around with the spider and the shadow-dwelling crab.
The most enthusiastic ‘review’ however, came from my cat.  The hexbug ‘nano’ is as one user called it on his youtube video: the ultimate cat-toy.
The most amazing thing is that when a cat throws it under one of the chairs it will crawl out from underneath by itself!

The remote-controlled spider is a marvelous design and a smart genius way to turn a simple piece of tech into a wonderful toy.

The only downside is the crab… it crawls towards the light, and reacts to sound, but in reality it gets boring rather fast…  clap your hands and it walks away for 5 seconds.  Nonetheless it’s beautiful to look at too.  Just like all their ‘bugs’.  

On top of that, the Hexbug Nano has an included code in the package, which you (or the kids of course… keep in mind that children need to play with this as well:) can use to log in to their online science-and-fun website, you can collect the different types of nano-bugs and discover fun facts about real science…

If you ask me, this is a definite buy for the holiday season.