To all these bitcoin eco-critics

Hi there you politically correct, fellow green, eco-friendly person, allow me to reply to you as someone who is pro-bitcoin and at the same time acts for a better climate.
(yes, we exist)

It’s highly surprising to see so many people, who usually never gave a damn about the enviroment, all of a sudden become greener than Kermit the Frog when it comes to bitcoin. When I look at these people’s profiles and twitter-timeline, I didn’t see any critique against cruise ships, or the banking system’s many, many dirty funds, nor the deforestation in Brazil by their looney president… nope, you failed to react on all these items.
When the oceans were beginning to be filled with plastics and pollution, (long before bitcoin even existed) you didn’t do shit.
When the most damaging deforestation kept happening (even today) you didn’t react.
When the biggest companies do active greenwashing of their dirty business (like INEOS), you didn’t flinch.
You’re not green at all, you’re not eco-friendly, you’re just a total coward; or a “passive-green” person,… who thinks the world will change when handing out some flyer at a demonstration.
You’re the problem, because you failed to act, for decades!

The rise of the passivegreens

Ònly hen bitcoin’s price goes up, you guys put on your green little environmentally friendly hat. To hide that you missed the boat, and don’t really know that much about bitcoin to begin with.
The few people that do know what they’re talking about are usually more nuanced (and yes, bitcoin uses power, so what? So do all the thousands of bank offices and datacenters) … Not all of the power used by bitcoin comes from clean energy.
That’s normal, but most of the western countries industry uses dirty power to one extent or another anyway. Maybe the focus should not be on bitcoin, but on ALL dirty power consumption no?
For example, in Belgium and The Netherlands, about 8 tot 25% of the industry uses renewable sources. That’s even less than the 46% of the bitcoin network.
In fact, it should be the other way around; bitcoiners should criticise the industrialists of these nations for not using enough green energy.
But we don’t do that. We know that power consumption on itself is not “evil”.

So, dear neo-green people, who only raise their hand when they’re actually dying inside of seeing something happen they can’t fully comprehend… why don’t you just read about the bitcoin system itself? Instead of parroting your way through your newly found green “act”?

I’m actually fairly green: I don’t have any excess appliances in my home, I never travel by air (last time was in 2008 or something), I don’t show with Amazon, and I refuse to buy anything that packaged in layers of plastic. I try to shop locally when possible and preferrably from farmers, I don’t own a car (neither an electic bike or whatever scooter).
I marched along with 200.000 other people, in support for our youth, to demand some action on the climate… and I hope that generation can make a real difference and I’ll support them doing so.
And yes, I own bitcoin, which probably makes me the devil.

While you tweet from well lit homes that’s probably 4 times larger than necessary, traveling on polluting cruise ships on occasion “to see the world”, eating luxury import foods brought in with massively pollution refrigerated containers on massive container ships burning fossil fuel, while looking away from the criminal deforestation in Brazil and Europe, the useless waste of dumping plastics everywhere and causing about 17% of the greenhouse gas emisions still blown in the air by traffic over the road, … or maybe having four dogs, all eating industrially processed dog food on a daily bases or buying horribly polluting fast-fashion items, while having a battery inside their e-car created with materials mined by children?

Not to talk about your job, which is probably in tech, mining data doing garbage marketing crap to sell even more useless garbage to the rest of the world, or relying on massive data-centers that supposedly run on renewable energy (but we all know that’s actually more or less the same sort of structure and data-centers that bitcoin miners reside in, but you ignore that). Being a selective green is easy of course.
The bottom line is simple: does it really destroys our environment? Then act!

And yes, in that long list of things that destroy our world,… somewhere down the line there’s bitcoin. I’m sure, well behind some other things that aren’t even mentioned in all these garbage articles by the same media groups that love to scare you for anything and everything as long as they can get eyeballs on their products and ads for dog food and cruise-ship holidays and fast food crap.

Sit back and relax

Go ahead, have a nice long relaxing swim in your pool, write your FUD-article about bitcoin… no problem. I’ll even gladly pay these phony useless bitcoin-taxes your warped parrot brain will come up with at some point, which will undoubtedly have no scientific base whatsoever. But even then, I would pay it.
At least if you stop whining like a complete fake ass green little whiny b*tch AND if you also have the guts for once in your life to grow a spine and TO MAKE all these big polluting funds of the world’s biggest banks pay the same tax for destroying our planet (some of them actively support schale gas fracking, or land mines, or fossil fuel burning ’till at least 2030).

Yeah, go ahead and make them ban cruises, I support you 100% in that. Or halt the deforestation and get your act together on the real pollution!
But for God’s sake, stop whining like a complete jackass and attacking the wrong “enemy”. Bitcoin is not your enemy. These banking people pouring over 230 billion in dirty funds are, these fat elites are literally eating the world, and making you read garbage articles about “pollution” written by complete useless copy-paste journalists who got debunked more times than the average flat-earth’er by now; while the REAL pollution stares you right in the face every morning when you shave your neckbeard or brush your half rotten teeth!

So do something for real. And I’ll be standing side-by-side when you join real action against real polluters. And even then, maybe when you halt the deforestation, and make a real difference, you can come after bitcoin as well, no problem. Because in such a world, we’ll not really need bitcoin anymore to fight against the fat polluting war mongering corrupted crooks who need a real “drainage” and make it so that your children will not even have the chance to buy a home or have a sense of freedom or self-control.

Until the day you want to battle against the real enemies, you can do what you did so well for so long: shut up. Sip your Starbucks and eat your avocados thinking about how “green” you are, while watching Netflix garbage with copy-paste scenarios.

In the meanwhile, I’ll be here, along with the people who care. Looking at the inflation rate, eating you alive, while the climate keeps spiraling out of control.
I’ll live with that,… but can you?


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